Mike Donello is natural soul, rhythm and rock based artist out of the live music capital, Austin, TX.  Donello is always teaming up with fellow friends and musicians to swap songs and warm up crowds of all ages.  Playing a blend of many instruments, most times you'll find the repertoire consists of ukulele, hand drums, cajon, tambourines, shakers and a fine blend of acoustic and electric guitars.  Mike Donello has performed and appeared on Balcony TV Austin and Sunfest, the annual music Festival in South Florida. Donello has spent most recent years performing exclusively for the greater Austin Area with some minor ventures outside of Texas.  Born in New York and raised in Florida, Mike began playing shows with many musical projects and has kept musical bonds and friendships all around the nation. He currently plays alongside several musical talents such as Matt Creaton and Jay Williams.  After spending many years performing in various projects stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Mike Donello decided to transplant his roots to Austin, TX.  His main goal has been to showcase his original material, work as collaborative musician, and focus on flourishing as a songwriter and music maker.  You may experience Donello in many arrangements from flying solo, to duo, trio and also full band performances.  Donello is available for public and private events.  For booking and availability please contact Sofia at    Thank you for your interest in  Please visit again soon and follow @ or like the fan page @ ;)